Kocaali İntroduction

Kocaali Date
Kocaali was added to Ottomon Empire By Konuralp when Orhan Gazi was the Emperor. At the beginning, the first settlement place was in Ceharköy, Alandere and Hızar dıstrıct but later it was situatedina place 15 meters high bove sea level in the 1900’s and now it is stil there. İn 1964, It was subdistrict. Later in 1987 it was district. Kocaali has got eight district, one subdiscrict and twenty nine villages.

Geographical Structure
County, east and west slopes of the Black Sea region and was cut from the narrow valleys. Black Sea to the north slope starting in the soult Çamdağı’nın Fındıktepe’de peak reaches 900 meters. Limit determines the Melen River forms the border between East and West Mineral Creek area of 315 square kilometers is located between the town, 20 meters above the sea level. Akçakoca east and Cumaova in the soult moat, in the west and North of the town of Karasu in the Black Sea and the entire beach is bordered by a coastline. Town center, 2 km from the coast towards the sea in recent years, residential development has been established inside. A certain distance from the centers of the town and surrounding district; Akçakoca 25 km and 35 km from Hendek’e Karasu is 15 km, 70 km from Adapazari, Ankara, İstanbul, 220 km and 300 km. County 25% of land area ( 55.8 ), forest area is mainly covered with pine, sycamore, beach, linden, chestnut and alder species are available.

Tourism shining star of the moderns houses and holiday sites recently gained Coppermine. Homes built without disturbing the natural texture of the town, especially ideal for those looking for a quiet place. Modern, one-or two-storey dwellings, sites such as the limited time to move out summer vacation, along-term attracts the attention of those who want to relax.

Coppermine in the first place that comes to mind at yhe mention of Tourism on the coast with the full meaning of the district even thougt the alternative is a tourist paradise. The sun sets over the sea was born out of the sea is one of the most beautiful places to attract tourists coming to town. The unique nature and who want to take pictures of nature scenery attracts fans.

Eating and drinking facilities are among the indispensable summer with musical entertaiment. Sand, 2 in terms of world standards in terms of quality property Sand have been registered as a Class Coppermine healing, natural beach and 14 km from pristine beaches waiting for you with easy Access.

Pangratium Maritimum
Sand lily ( Pancratium maritimum ), Amaryllidaceae ( Narcissus ) is a genus of bulbous plant that grows in coastal sands. Perennial, bulbous, wide ribbon long leaves, about 40-45 cm tall, white flowers, the number of flowers 3-15, corona, corona, tepallerin 2 / 3 is ü. Flowering time is between August and Octeber. A fragrant flower that grows rare beaches in the world.

Melen River
Melen River passes througt the name of the village about 800 years Melen. Born within the borders of the district and village Caferiye Yığılca Melen Stream flows into the sea Caferiye Melen river, Black Sea and meets the village of Fisher is famous for its restaurants and it unique landspace. It is possible to find all types of fish angling is carried out in this region, the sunset and enjoy the most beautiful place is monitored. Caferiye’ye guests can swim in the sea with holidaymakers and day, the evening’s unique panoroma head at night you can eat each other in a beautiful stres may lack participating parties. İn fresh water or salt water can be observed all great dance venue is a unique place for photo enthusiasts.
Melen stream Rafting enthusiasts, especially the indispensable address. Melen Stream flow rate is high adventure enthusiasts offers a unique antertainment and excitement. Nine trails starting near the mill village, about 15 km. in the length. You guys ended trails in the village from April to May and June it is possible to go rafting.

Maden Stream
Empire Mine Creek of the pepublic during the first years of activity in the recent years with. Mine was closed for some of mine tunnels and roads are stil being used for trekking. Mine was in operational lead, borax, zinc, silver mines ara known to be a place where it was committed Creek Mine is currently found in the ruins. With the effect of land mines to attract attention to the color of darkness.

Quite often in a flowing stream in a wooded valley deep in the right and the left coast beech, chestnut and sycamore trees located between the paths, constitutes a suitable enbironment for walking. Mineral Creek to host all shades of gren, clean air, oxygen rich water, spectacular natural beauty, a place frequented by picnickers. The paths between the trees and rocks, the media is very well suited for trekking.

Weekends ara a diffrent Kocaali yourself a peasant weekend with yor loved ones can leave the arms of nature untouched.

Our district is ready to share the advantages of its climate and soil structure. Oak, Beach, Hornbeam, Chestnut, Alder, Popler, ash, Redpine, Scotchpine, Trees and plants and many more we look, charm, the incredible smell our heads.

Those who seek healing in the production of chestnuts Çamdağı offered.

County economy Hazelnut basis. 64% of agricultural land and that 95% of the area of nuts. 60% of the active labor force is engaged in agriculture. The average annual production 30.000 tone Coppermine with hazelnut production, is the town of Sakarya province produces the most nuts. Howewer, climate and other reasons,, this amount may vary according to years. Hazelnut cultivation gradually diminishing scale of operation, it also accelerates the seach for new living areas, and alternative activities. Howewer, nuts are usually non-agricultural activities are substantially meet the needs of the family

10 units in our district for agricultural purposes, industrial plants, nuts, breaking the existing factory. 4 of these plants is operational. In addition, an integrated mill in the county are nuts 1 piece.

Our District is made within the boundaries of Coppermine Melen Dam in the water in İstanbul have played an important role in solving the problem, the State Hydraulic Works ( DSI ) General Directorate of the Project initiated by the county signified to Coppermine.

As an alternative to nuts in our district in recent years, fisheries, poultry, livestock development in the field provided.

Coppermine region involved in tourism development in our district has boarding and home boarding. Tourism attracts the antention of investors is.